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HI YOGI SOULS, & welcome to the SOUL ON FIRE Yoga E-Book! I'm Jordan, otherwise known as The Balanced Blonde, and I am about to become your virtual yoga instructor. If you're cool with it, we are going to become good friends.

You are about to embark on the most epic journey of your life: your YOGA journey. Together we will dig deep, learn to flow like intuitive movement goddesses (and dudes, of course, this is for everybody!), learn proper alignment and break down all of the basic yoga poses, and begin to let the incredible mind, body, spirit practice of yoga transform our lives from the inside out.

+ Over 180 pages of content to guide you through beginning and/or advancing your yoga practice

+ Information on the SOUL ON FIRE philosophy of yoga & mind, body, spirit lifestyle and tips for setting YOUR soul on fire.

+ Over 80 basic yoga poses with a breakdown of alignment points, benefits, and original how-to PHOTOS so you can mirror them (that is less than 50 cents per pose, + so much more!)

+ 10 Original "Soul on Fire" yoga sequences for you to practice at home, from a "10-20 Minute Pre-Work Flow" to "Yoga for the Not-Yet-Bendy-Body" to "75 Minutes to Setting Your Soul on Fire"

+ Two VIDEOS (page 144) with Soul on Fire Flows!

+ Tips & tricks for creating your OWN sequences & yoga flows

+ Tips for advancing your practice, building strength for inversions, and creating openness & flexibility

+ An overview on INTUITIVE MOVEMENT & the vast health benefits it has for our bodies

+ A glossary of yoga terms & the top "Sanskrit words every yogi should know"

+ A breakdown of basic yogic philosophy from the Sutras to the Eight Limbs of Yoga as outlined in Patanjali's Eight-Limbed Path of Yoga

+ Information on where to find & how to create juicy, soul-on-fire yoga playlists

+ A background story on my personal yoga journey, because I believe that part of yoga is sharing with one another, being vulnerable, and learning to connect in a meaningful, soul-level way.


+ Everyone!! Whether you are brand new to yoga, have been practicing for a long time and want to deepen your practice and build strength for more advanced poses, or whether you used to be a yogi and have since fallen off the wagon.


+ My website is, where you can head to learn all about my 500-hour yoga training, my SOUL ON FIRE philosophy, my wellness-inspired life, and more.

+ The SOUL ON FIRE Podcast on iTunes, which can be found at

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